Thursday, May 10, 2012

Smudging, Why Do It?

I admit it, I am a lover of smudging.  It may have something to do with the fact that I am 50% Ojibwa and that I am being guided by my ancestors to do it, or in simpler terms I just love how it feels after I smudge my house.  Normally I smudge at the beginning of every new season unless I feel the need to do it more often.  There was a time that I was doing it every month or every other week, but those days are over with now.

Smudging is a Native American ritual of burning items such as cedar and sage, but with the psychic work that I do my smudge mix is a lot more complicated than just using sage or cedar.  Even though, when I do my work I always put a circle of White Light around me with a purple flame above my head for protection from any negative or evil spirits, they can still sometimes creep into my home, so every time I smudge my mix looks like this:

cedar - for the removal of negative energies and creating an area of protection
sage - for the removal of negative energies and creating an area of protection
sweetgrass - brings in blessings and healing energies
tobacco - used in most Native American rituals for cleansing and healing
rosemary - this banishes a negative energy that my be lingering in your home or sacred space, negative energies can not stand the smell of rosemary so it chases them away
nettle - this also banishes a negative energy from your home or sacred space

Smudging has been used by many groups, whether it's the Native Americans using sage & cedar or the Catholics using frankincense and myrrh which were delivered to the baby Jesus.  Incense has been used by many cultures for many different things.  I am only talking about what I do to cleanse and honor my heritage.

I also burn the tiny incense cones that come in various scents, my favorite are cedar, healing, protection, and cedar/sage.  I always burn them at my desk when I am either working on my blog or writing my book - it helps to clear the energy and allow me to hear what I am supposed to write next.

Until next time....


  1. "Smudging... Why do it?"
    Because we're not the only energies out there, and not everyone plays nicely.
    'Nuff said.
    BTW, it's tremendously cool that you're Native American!!! :). I'm soooo not worthy...

  2. I thought you knew that I was Native American... you've seen pics of me, don't I look it? I have the high forehead, the round nose, the high cheekbones, the fuller face... my complexion comes from my Mexican heritage, I'm 50% Ojibwa and 50% Mexican. I should wear a sign that says "Don't piss off, contents under pressure!" LOL I have a very short fuse. But you're right, there are other energies out there and some don't play nice. I've had a few try and get at me mostly at night and my g-g-great grandfather's entire tribe comes to my rescue. It's awesome to see them! I wish so badly that you could see what I see.

  3. Oh yes, girl... I knew... just wanted to give my mad props to you. Having been born in Plymouth, MA, I fully respect all Native Americans. Oh, and my ancestors were pilgrims and witches (hung in the Salem Witch trials)!!! :)