Saturday, May 12, 2012

Can't We All Just Get Along?

I snagged this off of Facebook and proudly put it on my wall.  I don't understand what all the brouhaha in North Carolina is really.  Why is it anyone else's business what goes on in someone else's private life?  I personally think that if two men or two women want to have a relationship, fall in love, get married, have children, etc...  what business is it of other people?

I have many friends who are gay and I love each and every one of them dearly!  They are very special people in my life and I don't give a rats ass what their sexual preference is.  I don't go dancing in their bedroom nor do they go dancing around in my bedroom... So why can't we all just get along?

I know what the bible says, but the bible also says that you should love your neighbor - this isn't showing love my friends, this is showing hate and intolerance.  My daughter is almost 16 and has started questioning her sexuality and my husband and I have told her that it doesn't matter to us WHO she loves as long as that person LOVES her, RESPECTS her, and CHERISHES her...  That could come from a male or it could come from a female, we don't care because we love our daughter and only want her to be happy and if it means that a female makes her happy we're good with it, if it's a male who makes her happy, we're fine with that too...  We support our daughter's decision 100%.

How did our society end up with so much hate among each other?  People are killing other people for their differences, whether that be their sexual orientation, where they live, who they hang around with and it goes on and on.  It's sad, and it breaks my heart to know that my friends are going through this crap on a daily basis.  Some of them have to hide their sexual orientation and that's not right either.  Ok...  That's my soapbox for the day.  I'm sure I've ruffled some feathers out there, but then again, this is MY blog and a lot of people don't agree with a lot of the different things that I blog about, so if I offended you I'm sorry, but I'm not sorry for standing up for my friends.  I will be there always for my friends.


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  1. This is a topic that I feel very strongly about, and I applaud you for addressing it. I have a gay brother who I love dearly, and ANYONE who hurts him has to answer to me. I have voluntarily given up a friendship with someone who claims to be "proud" of their gay-bashing days.
    Here's the thing: statistically, there is a 10% likelihood of one of my kids being gay. Whether they are or whether they're not, I love them, and frankly, I don't care. No person is defined purely by their sexual orientation, any more than my son is defined purely by his autism.
    Another thing the anti-gay camp never acknowledges is that homosexuality is not a choice. Gay people just ARE gay - whether it's because of genetics or experiences - no man just wakes up one morning and says, "Hey, I think I'm going to sleep with a dude."
    There is damned little love in the world. If two people genuinely love each other, they're making the world a better place.

    1. Maurra is trying to decide who she truly is and what preference she chooses to go. She's not sure at this point and I can't help make that choice for her, all I can do is support her in her decision. Garrett is also very feminine for being a boy, so I'm keeping my eye on him as well - I may be having this same talk with him in a few years. :-)

  2. I agree. After re-connecting with my high school best friend after 20 years, (after losing touch in a very strange way), I learned she's been in a committed and happy relationship with another woman for 12 years. She told me about how, in college and later university, she'd really struggled with figuring out what she needed. I answered, "you should've asked me. I could've told you THAT." She didn't make a choice to become gay, she only stumbled across the knowledge when trying to do what society said she should just didn't FIT.

    She was not a happy girl, but she is now a totally awesome woman who knows exactly who she is.

    1. I'm glad she's finally happy. I'm hoping that once my daughter finds herself, she'll find who will make her happy. She's still young, and confused. I just tell her that her dad and I will always love and support her no matter which way she ends up going. Love is stronger than anything else!