Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Power Animal: Deer

For me personally, the deer is one of my most favored power animal, in addition to the owl and the polar bear.  The fawn is always the one to take me into meditation and back out, and she stays with me while I'm in meditation watching over me, making sure I'm protected at all times.  When I see a deer that was hit on the side of the road, I feel the animals pain, I feel a sense of loss - that's how tightly bonded I am to this gorgeous animal.

If you notice that a deer is trying to convey a message to you, these are some of the possible meanings:
You've been involved in some aggressive, negative circumstances and need to seek out safe, nurturing situations and people. 
More than ever, you need to trust your instincts.
You're poised for an enticing adventure, one that will take you down many different paths and lead to many important insights.
Be gentle with yourself and others.

Call upon the deer's spirit for help:
You need help finding inspiration and resources for any creative projects you've working on.
You need help in situations where extra vigilance and sensitivity is called for in order to avoid any harmful consequences.
You want to release any resentments, grudges, or judgments about someone.
You want to find strength and endurance when you're going through a difficult life passage.

If the deer is your power animal:
You're highly sensitive and intuitive and are often aware of the feelings of others before they are.
You can move with intention, awareness, and speed and can change directions quickly while staying completely centered.
You're most comfortable outdoors, particularly in the woods or forest, and must frequently spend time there to recharge and regenerate.

And, as always, I took this information from my favorite book "Animal Spirit Guides" by Steven D. Farmer, PH.D.  

Until next time...


  1. I love these animals, so beautiful and majestic. :)

    1. I love the deer, this is the animal that takes me into meditation and stays with me and then brings me back out of meditation safely. I've had the deer as my meditation guide for years and she has always been with me. When I see one that was killed on the side of the road, I actually feel their pain and the loss, as if I lost a family member. That's how tied I am to the deer. :-)