Monday, May 21, 2012

Animal Spirit Guides

As Ted Andrews states in his "Animal Speak" book, a totem (animal spirit guide) is "any natural object, being, or animal to whose phenomena and energy we feel closely associated with during our life."

As I have stated in my brochure, animal spirits are also called "power animals" or "totem" which is a person's spirit guide from nature.  They offer great guidance and support in times of need.  It is common for you to see some of the same characteristics of your power animal in yourself and that is why the two of you have bonded and you feel a connection to this particular animal.  You may at other times pick up a power animal to help get you through a sticky situation in where you might need that particular animals strength or energy.

If a power animal is trying to convey a message to you, you will see that animal typically three times within a short time and you will know that a message is trying to be conveyed, it is then your job to decipher it within yourself.  That's when your spirituality comes into play.

I personally have many power animals that I work with, sometimes one or two are a bit more dominant than others, but I have had these same animals for many years.  I will share with you my power animals:

Cow -You're very alert and aware of all that's going on around you.

Deer -You're highly sensitive and intuitive and are often aware of the feelings of others before they are.

Dingo - There are times when you know something without having a logical reason as to why it is you know.

Dog -You're very loyal to your friends, work situation and community.

Hawk -You're very good at interpreting signs and omens from the natural world, whether these come as a blessing or a warning.

Lynx -You have the gift of being able to see in others what they've kept hidden or aren't aware of, including fears, falsehoods, secrets and untapped abilities.

Owl -You typically see what others don't see, hear what others don't hear, and are able to discern the truth behind any falsehoods.

Polar Bear -You're a skilled survivor, highly adaptable, and incredibly strong physically and emotionally.

Porcupine -You're good-natured, gentle and loving, and enjoy just about anything that you're involved with.

Snake -You've gone through a series of initiations, including death and rebirth experiences and as a result have gained compassion, wisdom, and a powerful capacity for healing.

Whale -You're very psychic and highly intuitive, with a natural gift of clairaudience (the ability to hear sounds from Spirit or those who have crossed over) and telepathy.

Wolf -You have a strong sense of family and community, an intuitive sense of social order, and are very affectionate with your friends and family.

These brief descriptions of my power animals came from my favorite book on the market "Animal Spirit Guides" by Steven D. Farmer, Ph.D.

Over the next few days, I'll be showcasing some of my power animals in more depth with 1) the animals meaning, 2) when to call upon the animal and 3) if this animal is your power animal, what it means.

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  1. My great-great grandmother was a Cherokee princess, stolen off the reservation by a white man.

    According to my Mama White Buffalo Woman is our family's spirit guide.

    I think I saw her once in my dreams too.

    1. That is awesome that White Buffalo Woman is your guide. I have several guides, but none are my ancestors, but Clarence who is my main guide is Native American. My great-great-great grandmother is Princes Tia Lana, and my great-great grandmother is Princess Rushing Waters. My great-great-great grandfather is Chief White Cloud of the Minnesota Ojibwa tribe. He helps me a lot. He's also helping me write my second manuscript - I currently have 2 books in the process of being written.