Sunday, May 20, 2012

30 Useless Facts About Me You Never Wanted To Know

1.  I have the mystic cross in my palm
2.  I live in a haunted house and LOVE it!
3.  I talk to dead people all the time.
4.  I crashed my husbands new Mustang GT 5 weeks after we were married.
5.  I love Syfy's Ghost Hunters and am crazy for NCIS
6.  I'm a Twilight junkie at the age of 44 ~  "Team Edward!!"
7.  I ate mussels to impress a guy - YUCK!
8.  Played the flute as a child/teen in a band and in the church choir
9.  Attended school in Mexico for a summer program
10.  Learned to drive a stick shift at age 12  (mom freaked out!)
11.  Watched a tornado dance behind my house - stupid teenager moment
12.  Had food poisoning while pregnant 
13.  Swam on a swim team for 5 years
14.  Spoke Spanish before leaning English
15.  Fed a homeless man  dinner at Mc Donald's
16.  Got engaged on Folley Beach in Charleston, SC
17.  Have had many rides in an ambulance - not as a passenger either!
18.  Danced in the rain
19.  Bought flowers for every resident in a nursing home
20.  Went horseback riding on a horse that was in heat.  (named my 1st child after the horse too!)
21.  Fell down the stairs and shattered my tailbone and bruised 3 vertebrae.
22.  Broke all 10 fingers at once in a snow tubing accident.  (another stupid teen moment)
23.  Had my picture in the local newspaper (student of the week at my college)
24.  Was adopted by my parents at age 7 weeks
25.  Found my birthmom when I was 29 - horrible mistake!
26.  Gave birth 6 times (5 living kids, 1 stillborn)
27.  Was pregnant for 10 months with my 1st child - she was 28 days late!!!
28.  I play Yahtzee every night in bed before I can go to sleep  (on the iPad)
29.  I witnessed an elderly woman get hit by a train and now have PTSD as a result of it.
30.  I'm terrified of trains and semi-trucks

Until next time....


  1. Love the list. I never thought about doing something like that. I don't think they are useless. I think it makes you interesting. I will definitely be following you. Thank you so much from posting on CCBN. Hope you visit me as well. I am at

    1. Thanks for your visit and your post! I'm following you as well. :-) (signed up under linky) I love your blog, it's WOW! I'll be visiting often, I'm sure!