Sunday, May 6, 2012

Message From My Animal Spirit Guides

Today I felt that I needed to connect with my animal spirit guides for some guidance on a situation that I am going through.  As most of you know, I pulled my 15yr old daughter out of school 3 weeks ago due to bullying from the Assistant Principal along with other students.  I've been going back and forth in my mind about writing a letter to the Superintendent and Principal to see if some action could be taken against the Assistant Principal.  I've put it off so far because I do not want to write the letter with emotions tied to it because then it won't be taken seriously, so I've just waited, but as the cards that I pulled here tell me, the time is now to write this letter and allow the chips to fall where they may.

Before I pulled the cards, I asked for my totems (power animals) to surround me and show me the cards to pull.  The polar bear has always been one of my main totems as I resemble the attributes of a polar bear significantly.  So I asked that the polar bear spirit help me pull the cards that I needed to work with and the above cards were the ones pulled in the order they were pulled in.

The Messages:

Polar Bear - Stand up for what you believe in without being a bully.  Don't get upset if it doesn't turn out in your favor.  Set limits and expect them to be tested.  Approach the situation like a true warrior - don't speak from anger but rather dignity and truth.  This card can also symbolize:  Fearlessness, Purity, Leadership, Strength, Wisdom, and Powerful

Tortoise - You are too anxious, your mind is constantly moving from one thing to another, you need to relax.  You need to ground yourself whether that is with a piece of Smokey Quartz or envisioning a beautiful vine flowing from your spine, down your legs into Mother Earth, pull her energy and re-focus yourself.  This card can also symbolize:  Longevity, Determination, Patience, Perseverance, & Stability

Elk - Stand tall and maintain your dignity no matter what, and others will treat you with the respect that you deserve.  This card can also symbolize:  Stamina, Strength, Confidence, Power, Courageousness, Determination.

As you can see all three cards are giving me the same message, to write this letter and all my guides to work their magic.  I love this deck when I need to reconnect with my animal guides. 

I am 50% Ojibwa, so I am very much tied to my animal guides, they have taught me great lessons in the past and this one is just as great.  I am surprised that Deer didn't appear today as I am very much tied to the deer spirit as well.  She is the one who takes me in and out of meditation.

Thanks for reading!  Have a wonderful Sunday!

Until next time...


  1. Cool. I am glad you are listening to your guides.

    1. I always *try* to listen to them, but sometimes I go and do what I want to even if they say not to. I haven't gotten into trouble yet but I know that I give them headaches with the way I am sometimes - so stubborn! They are wonderful to have around though!

  2. Guides can be and are very powerful. I can totally see the polar bear in you!!! :)
    Mine used to be squirrels and chipmunks, I literally called a squirrel over to me once at a park.
    Now I think my spirit guide is the brown widow spider... Eek!

    1. Yesterday I was in my truck at the mall with Bethany and a black crow started circling my truck, then he would land right in front of me on the ground, then he would start to circle again, then land and stare at me... he did this over and over, finally I threw a piece of my sandwich at him and he picked it up and flew away. I need to see what black crow means in my "Animal Spirit Guides" book by Steven Farmer PhD. He is AWESOME at animal spirit guides. Unfortunately he passed away a few years ago. I have his animal spirit guide cards and 3 of his books.

  3. How interesting! I LOVE black crows.

    1. I have the spirit of a black crow in my house - he mostly stays in the boys bedroom and Nathan has seen him many times. I also have a deer in my living room, a wolf, and little nature critters like chipmunks, rabbits, things like that. We also have dragons in our house, they are one of our guides, I have a momma Earth dragon and she had at one time 5 eggs, but 2 of those eggs hatched and the babies went to be the boys guides, now I'm just waiting for my girls to get their dragons. It's wonderful to have a dragon as a totem as well!