Sunday, May 13, 2012

Happy Mother's Day, Mom! I Love & Miss You!

This is my mom, Nohemi Patton who I lost on March 1, 1997 to breast, bone and brain cancer.  She was diagnosed with breast cancer in the summer of 1987, had a mastectomy in August of 1987 and then did a round of chemotherapy.  We thought she was all better and in remission when her doctor released her from his care.  Little did we know that 9 years later the cancer was going to come back and this time spread.

On Christmas Eve of 1996, my dad rushed my mom to the emergency room because she was in so much pain all over her body, and that's when they got the news that the cancer had spread to her bones and there was nothing that could be done.  She was given 6 months to live at best.  She refused more chemotherapy saying that it was taking away what happiness she had left for her life.  So my husband (who was stationed in Norfolk, VA in the Navy) put in for leave so we could spend a little bit of quality time with my mom before we lost her.  We went down in January to spend a week with my parents.  My mom's sister (my god-mother) and my cousin both flew in from Mexico to spend time with my mom.  We have some great pictures that I will always treasure of my mom with my kids and husband.  But then it was time for us to return home.

Then at the end of February I got a phone call from my dad telling me that my mom had slipped into a transverse coma and if it would be possible for us to try and get more leave to be with my mom one last time.  It took a lot of bickering back and forth with my husbands command, we had to get the Red Cross involved and we also had to get the chaplain for my husbands ship involved before they would grant leave again.  So we drive back down to Florida to be with my parents and what really proves the love bond between my parents was, before my mom slipped into her coma, she promised my dad that she would be here for his birthday, which was March 1st.

So the day comes, we're really not in the mood to celebrate a birthday, but we get a cake for my dad and we take pictures with him and my mom with the cake and then the hospice nurse whispers in my moms ear "honey, you kept your promise to Bill, today is his birthday, go ahead and rest, it's ok for you to go now." and 3 breaths later and my mom was gone.  She died at 4:44pm on March 1st... my dad was born at 4:44pm on March 1st in 1930...  My mom died at the exact time my dad was born.  I can't think of a tighter bond than that.

It's hard not having my parents with me anymore, but to know that they are together forever eases the pain some.

Happy Mother's Day Mom, I Love You & Miss You!!!

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  1. A lovely post and an even lovelier picture at the top.

    1. Thank you Julie! That was my mom when she used to dance while living in Orizaba, Veracruz Mexico.. where she was from. This is one of my favorite pictures of her!

  2. Your mom is so gorgeous in those photos! What a sweet post about your mom. Losing someone to cancer is hard enough, but I can't even imagine what it would be like to lose my mom. Anyone that can survive that is amazing.

    Glad I found you on the MMM Hop and look forward to more posts!

    1. Thank you Traci,
      Yes, losing my mom was very hard on me, I was only 29 at the time and a mother of 3. She barely got to know my youngest daughter, and never had the chance to meet my sons. There are days that seem impossible to get through, but then I think of some of the good times and it helps. I just lost my dad 7 months ago, so now I only have my husband and 5 children left to my family. Everyone else is gone. I love to blog about my parents because it helps them feel closer to me. :-)

      I'm glad you found me too!!! What is your blog, I'd be happy to follow you!