Wednesday, April 25, 2012

2012 Blogathon... Please follow me and see what I'm up to!

I'm taking part for the first time in the 2012 Wordcount Blogathon.  I have never participated in anything like this before, so this will be an experience for me.  I hope you will join me in following my posts, which by the rules, I have to blog every day for the entire month of May.  I'm actually looking forward to this, but geesh, what all am I going to chit chat about?  Those of you who know me personally, know that I can talk... and talk, and talk... So many this will be the same way.  Are you going to join me in this?

I will be talking about my life, my book, my triumphs, my family and hopefully so much more.

I will be promoting my blog like crazy... so I hope you can tolerate my posts.  :-)

Until next time...

Monday, April 23, 2012

Mirror, mirror, shiny glass....

Oh my gosh!!! I just did my first treadmill workout in over 4 years and I am "glistening" like a diamond ring! Because of course, women don't sweat! LOL I feel like I've walked the globe with the way my thighs are burning! Someone get the fire extinguisher!

Well, I better get used to this because I will be doing my treadmill workouts twice a day, because unlike before, now I'm dedicated to losing these extra 50 pounds. No cheesecake, no danish, no ice cream is going to get into my way of achieving my goal. Let's hope that my legs hold up through the process!

I have meatloaf for everyone else, while I have a salad with cottage cheese.  I splurged today and had a mango smoothie - I'm used to drinking 3 a day, now I get to go to 0 a day.  Argh!

Now to put my legs up for a few minutes before dinner. :-)

Until next time...

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Where Does Internal Strength Come From?

I thought this picture which I grabbed off of Facebook today gave me a good launch for today's blog post.  This past week and has been unusually tough on me.  Not in the physical sense, but more the mental/emotional sense.  On Monday I was at the doctor's office with my son, when my husband called and stated that our 15 yr old daughter was having a breakdown in the bathroom at her school.  So while at the doctors I mentioned it to the doctor and he said to bring her in on an emergency basis. 

I got to the school to pick her up, she's sitting in the office still crying and I'm told that I need to talk to the Asst. Principal before I can pick her up.  So I go into his office and I am bombarded by him, the district nurse, my daughter's case manager and some other guy that I didn't even know.  The first thing out of the Asst. Principal's mouth was "you're daughter is playing you, she's quite manipulative" and goes on and on.  By this time I am fuming from every pore in my body, while still biting my tongue.  He told me that he couldn't legally stop me from picking up my daughter, but that it was a waste of time.  I mentioned to him that she has an emergency appointment with her psychiatrist, so that I was picking her up and taking her with me.

Once we got to the psychiatrists office, after talking with my daughter, he told me to withdraw her from school immediately or she would end up being admitted to the hospital again due to the massive amount of stress she was under.  She was currently decompressing, which was not good for her.  So when we got home, I did all of the paperwork online to homeschool my daughter and registered her for a virtual academy for next fall.  Ok, so all of this seems to be ok, but now I am not only mom but now teacher as well.  The next day I went to the high school to do a formal withdrawal and I was treated by the school as if I were the dirt on the bottom of someone's shoes.  But that's ok...  I know what my job is and that is to care for my daughter in any which way she needs.

But, while I think about everything that my daughter and I have been through this past week, it never seems to phase me that no matter what I am faced with, I always have the strength to get through it or over it... to move past it.  Where does this strength come from?  When I was a child I was never this strong, but it seems that once I became a mother, and with each child that I have had... I've become stronger and stronger.  I now call myself "momma polar bear" because I will protect my children with every cell in me.  I also feel that my strength comes from my ancestors, that they are tapped into me and when I feel I just can't handle much more, they step in and give me more strength.  I think about this a lot when I'm going through my daily life of raising my special needs children.  My children I believe were given to me because I have the strength to raise them and to care for their every need.

So...  I will say that you will be hearing from me a bit more soon, I've joined up with a Word Blogathon for the month of May, where I will blog every day in May.  Not sure what all I'll be blabbing about, but I hope you stick with me through it.  :-)

Also, I have a new website for my book... even though I'm still working on the book, I thought I would get a website to announce my book once it comes out.  :-)  The website address is:  Check it out if you have a moment.

Until next time....

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Happy Birthday Lauryn!!!

Happy 22nd Birthday to my beautiful daughter Lauryn!  This picture is from her graduation last May.  Lauryn was born with Down Syndrome, hydrocephalus (water on the brain), patent ductus arteriosis (a heart condition) severe cognitive impairment, acanthosis nigricans (a rare skin condition) and is severely speech impaired.

When my daughter was 24 days old and I was leaving the hospital with her I was told that there was a 90% chance she would not live to see her 3rd birthday, she would be a vegetable, never sit, never walk, never talk - basically she would just whither away to nothing.  Well, she's proved those doctors wrong! 

Lauryn has endured her fair share of medical challenges, she's had 22 bouts of pneumonia, 2 collapsed lungs, many bouts of bronchitis, 5 surgeries... but no matter what, this child has kept going strong.  She is social, loves to be around people, she loves to do her job at the day center she attends 4 days a week, she's known at the center as Miss Social Butterfly.  She loves to dance, she loves her movies (typically horror) and Ferngully is her number one movie to watch. 

Here are a few pictures of Lauryn for you to enjoy.

 This is Lauryn on Halloween, she's a scary whoopie cushion.

This is Lauryn and I at the local Mexican restaurant.

This is Lauryn and I are her Special Olympics competition last year.

Sunday, April 1, 2012

A Glimpse Into My Strange Life....

As most of you know, I am a medium/psychic, I have been speaking with the dead for 29 years... and I love it!  I have learned great things from my ancestors and their advice is always spot on.  But with that being said, I also live in a haunted house.  We've been in our house for 4 years and LOVE it!  Some of the things that happen are, footsteps on the ceiling where there is nothing above us.  (no attic in that area)  Strange orange lights on our bedroom walls at night (no traffic in the area).  We've heard cowbells ringing in our bedroom and my Precious Moments figurines have been moved on the shelf.  Dorothy is one of the spirits that lives here, she was the original homeowner, but did not pass away here... but after her death she decided she loved this place so much that she wanted to come back.  I've been blessed to see her manifest before and she looks a lot like Estelle Getty (from Golden Girls).  My father also passed away in my living room on Oct 4, 2011 and it was wonderful to see him manifest in my foyer a week later.  I love having such a close connection with my resident ghosts.  My upstairs hallway light turns itself on and off randomly and my upstairs bathroom door closes on its own from time to time.  I've also heard high heel shoes walking on hardwood flooring, of which I do not have any wood flooring in my house, it's all carpeted.  My home phone has called itself before, showing on the caller ID as "HOME" and no one being there.. then I hung up and it called back this time activating the caller id log on my tv, of which we do not have the service to do that.  My boys bedroom closet has opened and closed on its own as well.  I've had a little girl talk to me on my landline phone in the past and it wasn't the person on the other end of the line.  (I have a deceased daughter)  I get different smells that no one else can smell, which I love.  It makes me feel closer to those on the other side.

SO that is just a taste of what goes on in my home at any given time.  The good part to this, is that my youngest son is gifted as well.  He is able to see spirits with his own eyes and he can tell us what they are doing at any given time.  I feel he will be an excellent medium once he's older.

So now that you think I'm stranger than your original thought of me...  this is my life and I love it!

As you know, I'm currently writing my first book which is the story of my life, but I have plans for my second book already, which will be the story of my psychic life.  I've been told that my great-great-great grandfather Chief White Cloud will also be helping me write this book through meditations so I've been told to take note!  He also tells me to hurry up because he wants to get down to work, and one last request... he wants to be listed as "co-author"!  I'm not so sure about that, but I'm thinking about doing it.

So, this is only the beginning of a great next few months.  I have our state chapter of TAPS (Ghost Hunters on Syfy channel) coming to my house this Friday night to do a full investigation of my house.  I'm excited to see what they come up with!  Will keep you posted.  :-)

Until next time...  Take care!