Monday, April 23, 2012

Mirror, mirror, shiny glass....

Oh my gosh!!! I just did my first treadmill workout in over 4 years and I am "glistening" like a diamond ring! Because of course, women don't sweat! LOL I feel like I've walked the globe with the way my thighs are burning! Someone get the fire extinguisher!

Well, I better get used to this because I will be doing my treadmill workouts twice a day, because unlike before, now I'm dedicated to losing these extra 50 pounds. No cheesecake, no danish, no ice cream is going to get into my way of achieving my goal. Let's hope that my legs hold up through the process!

I have meatloaf for everyone else, while I have a salad with cottage cheese.  I splurged today and had a mango smoothie - I'm used to drinking 3 a day, now I get to go to 0 a day.  Argh!

Now to put my legs up for a few minutes before dinner. :-)

Until next time...

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