Sunday, May 27, 2012

Happy Anniversary Mom & Dad!

 This is a picture of my parents, Bill & Nohemi while they were dating.  I love this picture of them because they look so happy!  My mom came to the United States from Mexico in 1961 and got a job at the same place my dad was working, Comptons Encyclopedia. My dad soon swooped in on my mom, but she rejected his advancements for quite some time.  My dad being who he was, knew what he wanted and that was my mom... so he pursued her until she couldn't say no any longer.  They ended up dating and my mom soon became my dad's entire world! When dad popped the question, mom said "no" and flew back to Mexico.  Dad was not going to take "no" for an answer, so he followed her to her hometown of Orizaba, Veracruz and asked her to marry him again.  She saw how in love he was with her and finally said "yes"when he asked her a second time.

They had 2 weddings, one was a civil ceremony, which my mom never recognized as being married. It wasn't until they had the church ceremony that they were finally married.  The civil ceremony was in January, but they didn't have the church ceremony until May 30th and they were married in Orizaba, Veracruz.  This is a picture of their wedding.  My moms head piece and flowers were made out of glass, and the cake pieces were also made from glass.  On their wedding day, my dad was the happiest man alive!

Happy Anniversary Mom & Dad!!!
I love you!

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  2. Happy Anniversary! They look so happy! :)
    Great heartfelt post girl... :)