Wednesday, May 16, 2012

My Second Act in Life

Second Act in life?  How can that be?  I'm only 25...  no wait, in all actuality I'm 44, but my mind is stuck at 25, but my body will tell you otherwise.  Some would say I'm having a mid-life crisis, while others would say that I'm finding a new niche to snuggle into.

Over the past several years, I was in school for nursing, which half-way through decided that I no longer wanted that field because I was at the time caring for my ailing father full time, plus my five special needs children... that would be a bit too much in the care-giving department for me, to work it and then come home to it.  Then I decided that I wanted to go to school for forensic science, after all I am a bit nerdy and love science, so I started that only to be told in one of my meditation sessions that I am not supposed to be working I'm supposed to be writing.  I thought "Writing?  Writing what?  I can't write to save my life!"  And it was perfectly clear what I heard, "You are supposed to write your life story, there are others out there that you can help and your positive attitude needs to be shared."  So, I talked it over with my husband Jon and he and I both agreed that I should drop out of school and start my writing career.

But how?  Anyone who knows me, knows of my ability.  I am also a medium, and have been for 29 years, so a friend told me that I should channel to start my book, so I sat quietly at my desk, started burning some incense and allowed the information flow from Spirit through to my fingers.  At this time, I was also told that this would be the first book out of two.  Wow, that's putting a lot on my plate, if they are wanting me to write two books.  Then I asked "What is my second book about?" and the answer again was as clear as day, "It's about your psychic life.  Not all will accept it, but there are others out there that will love your book.  I am going to help you write it and you can list me as co-author!"  I knew right then and there that the information was coming from my great-great-great grandfather Chief White Cloud, Chief of the Ojibwa tribe out of Minnesota. 

So writing my first manuscript has been a bit of a challenge, after all, I'm writing about surviving 21 years of childhood abuse (physical, sexual, emotional), becoming a teen mom and then doing it all over again 1 1/2 years later and still choosing to remain single.  Struggling with keeping a roof over my children's heads, meeting my Prince Charming and getting married, having 3 more children, and losing 3 children, 1 to a miscarriage, 1 to an ectopic pregnancy and 1 stillborn son.  I've also endured the loss of both parents, which is a loss similar to the loss of a child only a little bit more intense, in my opinion, all of my losses have taken a piece of me to heaven, but I'm a strong woman and I keep going because I still have 5 children who need me and depend on me, they are the reason my world rotates.

So I am embarking on my writing journey and plan to go all the way, one way or the other my books will get written.  The titles are very personal for me, my first book is called "The Path Less Chosen" and my second book which is called "The Chosen Path".

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    1. Thanks for finding me! I would be honored to follow you back! I'll do it right now! :-)

  2. You have an amazing story to tell. Please update us in your blog as you progress. You are on my blog roll - glad I found you through the Blogathon. Good luck!

    1. Thank you! In a couple of days I'll be posting 30 useless facts that you never wanted to know about me. I'm looking forward to posting that! It was fun to make the list. :-) I'm going on a ghost tour on Friday night, so I'll be posting about my experiences on Saturday's blog. I'm hoping I make it through all 31 days, I'm running out of things to blog about! LOL