Thursday, May 24, 2012

Power Animal: Polar Bear

Another one of my power animals is the polar bear, I resonate so closely to this animal it's crazy!  I have polar bear figurines and pictures all over my sacred space.  (meaning my desk area & mantle)  Anyone who knows me well, knows that I am like a momma polar bear when it comes to my kids.  I will not hesitate to go for someone's throat if my children are in danger or being bullied.  Also, family is the most important thing to me, without my family, nothing else matters.

If polar bear shows up:
Be assertive and strong in both your communications and your actions, yet be willing to yield as necessary.
Treat yourself with respect and maintain your dignity at all times.
Before you take action, pause and observe the situation; then when you're ready to make your move, commit to it fully and without hesitation.
You're about to embark on a spiritual adventure, one that will awaken some of your innate gifts and qualities that have been dormant until now.
If you need polar bear medicine:
You're faced with an important change in your life, but you're having trouble accepting it.
You're feeling afraid or threatened in any situation, no matter the trigger, and you want to feel safe, strong and protected from any and all harm.
You're doing any kind of work between the spirit world and this one and you need a good, strong guide.
If polar bear is your power animal:
You're a skilled survivor, highly adaptable, and incredibly strong physically and emotionally.
Your spirit is very pure and your know who you are.
You have unquestioning faith in the Power that governs all, which is expressing itself as you and through you.
You're a powerful individual and readily command respect wherever you go and from whomever you meet.

As always, I took this information out of my favorite book "Animal Spirit Guides" by Steven D. Farmer, PH. D.

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  1. so interesting, really!!! i am definitely a polar bear when it comes to my kids...and I am so unipolar bear with everything else on this whole planet...interesting for sure!!!
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    1. Thanks for finding me! I would love to follow you back, can I have your blog address? I absolutely love the polar bear, I relate so well to them. :-)

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    1. Thanks for stopping by... I'm following you now too! Brody is adorable!!!