Friday, February 17, 2012

Facing challenges... again.

The past couple of days have not been good ones.  Yesterday my son collapsed at school, he's only 9 and has some challenges.  He was born with Fetal Valproate Syndrome and suffered a brain injury during the birthing process.  Anyways, he had been complaining of his "brain feeling hot", but we didn't know more than that as my son is mildly cognitively impaired, that was the best he could describe what he was feeling.  So yesterday, I get a phone call from the school that my son collapsed, it took 2 teachers to catch him so he wouldn't hit his head on the floor.  He was complaining of being disorientated and dizzy.  He said that his brain was spinning.  He could barely keep his eyes open, I was so concerned.  So I brought him home and called the pediatrician who told me to bring him in right away.  This was not our usual doctor, but she had an opening, so we took it.  She did a full neurological exam on him, and he was starting to be able to walk a little bit better by the time we were at the appointment.  Turns out my son was diagnosed as having migraines, the same as me.  My migraines usually last between 3 and 6 days long and I'm usually given Toradol and Zofran to help break the migraines, but in my sons case, at this time there is nothing more we can give him except Motrin every 8 hours for the next 48 hours.  He's feeling better today, but now I've had a stress headache all day.  I'm tired, cranky, stressed... and still trying to work on my book.  My book is so important to me, afterall, it's the story of my life ~ the good, the bad, and the ugly.

Today just reminds me that even though I'm struggling, I know there are others out there in the world who have it ten times much more difficult than I.

Today I've been writing about the special childhood memories that I have of my dad.  My dad was my world.  My mom and I didn't have a connection, but the bond between my dad and I, I can't even put into words.  When my dad died 5 months ago, a part of me died with him.  His birthday is coming up soon, I'm not sure what all we are going to do in his memory, but I do know that we will be going to Denny's Restaurant to eat because that was dad's favorite place to eat, and every year on his birthday I would take him for his special breakfast.  My dad's birthday is the same day that my mom passed away 15 years ago, so March 1st is always a difficult day, but this year it's doing to be even harder than before.

All I can do is keep writing, getting my story out there and knowing how proud my dad would be of me.  I just wish he were here to see me accomplish this mission.

Until next time....

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